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Children love music, and every child loves to bang, wiggle, sing and dance. They need time to explore and experiment in order to develop their full potential.  We dance with props, learn to keep a beat with our stretchy band, sing along to action songs, and even enjoy the dancing bubbles during parachute. All these activities encourage sharing, interaction, participation and cooperation between the different age groups.
Though each is acquiring what is appropriate for their age, the mix allows for greater family togetherness and better social development. 

Vocabulary, language skills, counting and rhythm are all hidden curriculum behind learning a song. Playing along with the instruments while we sing, help with coordination, fine motor skills, as well as how to keep a beat!

Each week our 90 min classes will feature different instruments, like the violine, guitar, drums, chimes, and many pieces from around the world. Every child will get the opportunity to handle them and discover how each one works to create music. This class will also include f
reeplay, craft, and story time, to give your child the chance to socialize and exercise their creativity.

Please remember t
he more you put into the program the more your child will get out of it! So sing loud, dance crazy, and seriously explore the instruments and your child will do the same.



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