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Parent Feedback

The words of parents say it all!!!

"Program is focused to all children, very interactive and energizing! Music is great, and is not the same old songs as every other group."

"(The instructor) was fabulous and the classes were so much fun as well as educational. We take this learning into our home and continue the fun there too. As soon as we leave the boys are asking "Is it Thursday yet? We love this program!!"

"It’s the most enjoyable, productive hour in our week!"

"We thoroughly enjoy this program. The energy is awesome and the content is truly excellent! The enjoyment of the class carries over to the home as the "craft instrument" and songs can be played with and sung at home. We have new fun songs to share during car rides. Excellent instruction, organization and structure!!!"

"Not only does it teach our children about music, rhythm, etc., but just as importantly it teaches them to pay attention, listen, and play in an organized fashion."

"My kids and I didn't do much music stuff before this, so I was totally thrilled how my kids got right into the class and participated."

"A world of rhythm, singing, and dancing has entered our lives, and the kids respond to it all on their own now. The classes have provided a great stimulant. Many thanks, for giving us the gifts of music and enthusiasm!"

"Fun for kids and parents."

" RRST is an excellent program - the children really enjoy it with a lot of "hidden" learning going on. I'd highly recommend it."

"An excellent program to start when kids are very young. Good social interaction for both mom and babe. Kids love songs and action. Program is always same format so kids can know what to expect and can always be in their comfort zone."

"My children really enjoy the class. Perfect amount of structured and unstructured time to hold their interest and attention. Their creativeness of finding instruments at home is attributed to this class!"

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