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Hello Everyone!

My name is Corrine Macdonald and I am the owner and the facilitator of Rhythm Rhyme & Story Time.

My 2 children and I were enrolled in the program for years before I became the instructor. This gave me the parents perspective of how the routine could be created to keep up with the interest of every child. As I watched my children interact, explore, and learn through play has proven that kids learn alot faster when their experiences are shared with someone close to them. I also love the fact that all ages can attend together making it a more family friendly enviroment for those of us with more then one child.
I started out instructing a playgroup at the Greenfield Community Centre called, "Fun for Wee Ones" and have been doing so since 2010 (and still continue to do so.) When I was asked to take over the Rhythm, Rhyme & Story Time program I was more then happy to continue on with it's legacy... and will continue bringing excitement and new ideas to every class to show your child that learning can be fun. 
My 2 children are now in school full time, but I am still able to sing and dance every morning with you!

I hope you'll join me.